New to Data Science in 2021?

Beginner-Friendly Resources Below!

Photo by Kevin Ku on Unsplash

📙Great Written Resources for DS/CS 📝

➕Great YouTube Channels for Learning Math📈

📗Great GitHub Repos/Hubs for DS 💻


They say a good teacher helps their student move forward, even when the student might not see how they can.

That is exactly who Aakash Sudhakar, former Teaching Assistant of Data Science at Make School, is to me. These links were originally shared by him.

He is currently based in Los Angeles, where he applies his AI skills to advancing the progress of personalized medicine. He enjoys volunteering his time to mentor students as well.



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Zain Raza

Zain Raza


Software engineer interested in A.I., and sharing stories on how tech can allow us to be more human.