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Deep-Dive Into the Most Popular AI-Assistant on the Planet

My journey started into tech with my very first PC — a 4th generation iPad, which I won in a contest at school in the 6th grade.

One of my earliest memories of that device was the time I asked Siri, “who is Steve Jobs?” just to see how it would respond. In fact, the year was 2013, and the former Apple CEO had passed away over a year ago.

The people, ideas, and movements who influenced the way I run creative projects today.

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a famous theoretical astrophysicist. He is one of the most celebrated figures in all of science, most popular for discovering the general theory of relativity (Belanger). Einstein is famous not only for his accomplishments in science but for his views on life and the human condition. For example, Einstein was vocal about his belief there was more to discovery than merely being knowledge: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world” (Goodreads Writers). …

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Lessons Learned in Deploying Neural Networks

Let me begin by saying I have a really exciting job — but this blog is not going to be about the exciting parts.

I want to speak to you about the problems you may face in deploying models implemented in Keras, the popular open source framework for deep learning. This is something many engineers (like myself) have struggled with, and you may spend hours trying to figure this out if you’re on your own. My objective though is to make sure you don’t need to do that, and that you’ll come away from this blog with 3 Learning Outcomes:

Beginner-Friendly Resources Below!

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📙Great Written Resources for DS/CS 📝

➕Great YouTube Channels for Learning Math📈

📗Great GitHub Repos/Hubs for DS 💻


They say a good teacher helps their student move forward, even when the student might not see how they can.

That is exactly who Aakash Sudhakar, former Teaching Assistant of Data Science at Make School, is to me. These links were originally shared by him.

He is currently based in Los Angeles…

Poetry: Your Next Superpower

Thought Exercise — quick! You’re a producer at Marvel Entertainment Studios, and you’re creating the plot for the newest superhero film.

Since you’re creating this hero from scratch: what would you call them? What superpowers would they have?

Answer — well unfortunately, I can’t promise that writing poetry will win you an Academy Award on this film. However, in this post I will share two specific types of poems — the nature poem and the concrete poem — which can make your words more impactful, thoughtful, and memorable in a wide range of situations.

Nature Poems: Where Snow Meets Emojis

Poets have been writing about nature

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But What Exactly is Poetry?

Poetry is that awkward love poem your teacher reads in class. Poetry makes up the verses of the Holy Qur’an. As a poet, our job is to try to put into words the feeling of a newborn seeing their parents for the first time, and an old man on his deathbed feels saying goodbye to his grown-up children for the last.

In the words of Toni Morrison, poetry — and by extension, all writing — “is a way of thinking.”

The Individual Level

All of us know how to “poem” — you know all those nursery rhymes you learned as a kid?


When the Glass Is Twice as Large As it Needs to Be

When the old lady answered the door, I knew I’d gone way in over my head.

This blog will be a story about seeing the truth —this personality trait is a tool you may use to realize your hair flows in the direction opposite to what you see in the mirror, and to discover maybe we don’t need to debate whether the glass is half empty or half full.

Developing this trait has defined most of my young adult life, and I like to think it’s a defining characteristic of who I am.

Nevertheless, I continue to pursue it with…

How My Failures Turned into Success

Why Care About Self-Compassion?

The question that many of us have when someone brings up the topic of self-compassion is almost always one of disbelief — what even is it? How will it ever be useful to me? If I have learned anything about self-compassion, it’s that it doesn’t run necessarily opposite the direction of self-improvement. It’s not something that has to deter from my success, and if anything it can be a powerful tool is moving forward.

Rejection has been integral to helping me find what I wanted to do. When I was a kid in middle school, I remember one of the…

Like any great orchestra, great software architectures often rely on multiple individual pieces coming together in harmony. Photo by Vince Veras on Unsplash

Container Orchestration — Your Ticket to Distributed Computing

Like any great orchestra, great software architectures often rely upon having multiple pieces coming together in harmony. Just as the conductor’s baton guides the musicians in an orchestra, a system that leverages distributed computing will have each of its pieces share expectations for how they will communicate, and share the work of running our application.

Container orchestration simply refers to how you coordinate the different pieces of your application — in the context of this blog, the Docker containers — to work together in harmony as one distributed system. When done right, it can deliver amazing performances for end users.

Image from the Carbon0 Games opening video. Image source:

When It’s Time to Launch

“Can you explain what’s going on?”
This is the one text message you dread hearing as a software engineer — this was coming to me from my manager, the CTO of Carbon0 Games. It was at 7:56 PM, and our MVP was set to launch the next morning. Time to start debugging…

Disregarding my last-minute scramble to push bug fixes in time for a moment, the Carbon0 MVP has been one of my finest software products to date — I led the development as both a full-stack engineer and product manager, and in coordination with three other developers (Cao Mai

Zain Raza

Software engineer interested in A.I., the future of the climate and energy, and helping himself and others become the best version of themselves possible.

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